Breeding vision & aim

At NoiRouge, the dogs really are part of the family, we all live together in the house. We often go out together as a pack to enjoy each-other in the woods or at work.
Puppies born at NoiRouge will grow up in the center of the pack. Of course at first they’ll have their own quiet place with mom, where they can sleep and grow. When they are a bit older, they will enjoy all benefits of a pack, playing and learning dog language at its best.
We put the accent on the socialization of the pups. They deserve to have the best start in life, and therefore I value a good socialization very high.
They will meet different animal species, people and children. They will learn to ride in the car, they’ll get used to traffic, the woods, the market and to all sorts of noises you have around the house. 

Of course the parents of the pups will be tested for HD and they will have to pass their yearly eye-exam.
Giant pups will be FCI registrated, 
Kelpie pups will be WKC registered.

Of course all pups will be de-wormed and vaccinated regularly, and will be checked by the Vet.
Each pup will be tested individualy, so we can find the best matches between the pups and their future homes. 

Working Kelpie: TWe strive to breed hard working, stable caractered and healthy dog with great stocksence. Dogs that are able to work independendly, who know what to do and when to do it, no matter if it's work on large mobs or little groups of lambs. Cattle or sheep, yard/stable work or herding a flock of sheep.
A good "off-swich" is important, as well as very friendly caracter.

©Marie Wetterberg

Giant Schnauzer: These are wonderful dogs. Extremely loyal an thrustful to their owner or the family. Reserved to strangers in a friendly way – not everybody will be his best friend – good temperament, playful, alert and watchful and of course very social. And have you looked at them? They are gorgeous!
Giants still are very good working dogs, who like to have a job and love to work together with their owner. If it is in IPO, Agility or even sheepherding, they are outstanding allround dogs. They are open-minded, honest, selfconfident, alert and loyal in their work and they will to it with a smile, making a party out of every occasion.
My goal is to preserve this together with their outstanding looks and health. They should gain high points at a show, and the next day, they will easily walk away with a flock of 500 sheep or run an Agility or IPO course flawless!