Name: Me And My Best Friends Boef
 (Altdeutscher Hütehund)

Dam: Betsie's Benthe
Sire: Luke Skywalker
Born: 31 July 2008

Gender:  Male (neutered)

Color: Black (Süddeutscher Schwarzer)

Tail: Full

Height: 69 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Altdeuscher Hütenhund Faelan joined us as a pup, aged 7 weeks. I was looking for an Altdeutscher Hütehund, as I had fallen in love with them. The power and calmness in their way of working, how easy they can keep the sheep under control, without disturbing them from grazing, their brute strength, the unlimited thrust and loyalty to their shepherd and sheep, made me fall in love. Especially the large, black southern German types. 
The Altdeutscher Hütehund is an ancient German Working breed. Only bred on working ability on large herds of sheep. German shepherds use this breed for over 500 years and they still are number one working breed these days.
Looks don’t matter, the ability to work does. There are different types of AHH’s, they can differ in coat, color and height. Faelan is what they call a “Suddeutscher Schwarzer” (south German black).
The AHH have a genetically way of working, what is called the “Hütentripp”, continuously walking up and down the boundaries of the herd. They are bred to trot up to 60kilometers a day without problems.
Then the AHH have a way of correcting the sheep, also set down in their genetics, which is called the “Griff”, biting the sheep to correct them –without causing any harm – and to let them now you are boss.

To work is all Faelan wants to do, he turned out a talented and trustful working dog at the herd. Very solid in his boundaries, honest and easy-going, independent and thinking before acting. He can easily herd large flocks, he has the ability to overlook the whole herd.
He just is a super dog!