2014 - 2017

Nom: Nefutar Mousaro

Mère: Yellow Mousaro
Père: Apollo vom Schloß Ehrenberg
Née: 10 maart 2014

Sexe:  Mâle

Couleur: Noir
Yeux: sans problèmes

Hauteur: 70 cm

Poids: 45 kg

Futar, for years I was dreaming to have a Giant Schnauzer.. Timing wasn't perfect, but Futar was! Always happy, a real clown, pleasure to live with. Always willing to do whatever - as long as we did it together..
Working sheep, chasing, playing ball, lying on the couch - he loved all of it.
A big hunter he was, and that caracteristic I used to learn him to herd sheep, and he did! 

Futar, 7mois, 3 ième fois au troupeau.